Madness flickers,
I can see it from the corner of my mind.
Mad thoughts, crazed run across my mind.
My personalities have a tea party in my mind, a mad hatter party!
Should we invite Alice,
Or is she running away from the Queen’s men who want to off her head?
I am like a masked man,
No one sees who I really am,
I change personalities like music lovers change radio stations,
Come lets dance to the music in our heads.
Listen that’s my favorite song, It’s a lament like bohemian rhapsody.
Mama I think I am going under,
I think I did something but I can’t remember what it is or who did it.
Shh someone’s coming, its time to put away the face of madness,
Put the fake mask on, the mask that hides the madness.
Madness goes and hides,
Normal peeks out of the mask.
Later if you dare,
Come let’s play a game of mad charades!

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