Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.”
He lives in me, he is my way.
His truth is my path,
He gave me this life I live.
I am who GOD says I am.
He says great things & has great dreams,
That I may open my heart & mind to the reality that I was born to shine.
Jesus loved me so much he spread his arms & died,
Now he lives in my heart,
until the day my soul shall fly, and live at his side.
Though I stumble, many times I have fallen,
I look up to the cross because it is my salvation.
Jesus is my redemption,
God’s choice for my salvation,
My savior from death he restores me to life.
He changes me daily, am a masterpiece in progress,
He transforms my mind, and inspires me to greater heights.
He is the Spirit in me, that guides me,
That makes me breath and live a full life.
Everyday I am humbled, in this struggle,
That he knows me and loves me.
This is my affirmation that I am his,
He is my savior and my God.

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