You are a Queen,
Made in God’s design to be beautiful, talented and intelligent.
When he made you he sighed because he loved you at first glance,
As fathers do love their daughters.
As every father does he wants the best man for you.
A man who makes you smile and laugh,
wipes away your tears.
A man who knows that to love and protect you is to protect himself and his future.
He knows that your the Queen his most strategic piece,
Your not a pawn to be sacrificed easily.
Life is a game of chess and he needs you to stay alive.
Don’t sacrifice yourself for a man who doesn’t see your potential and value.
Wait for the man who sees you as a Queen and treats you as one.
Be the Queen you are,
Ask for what you deserve, love, friendship, respect, loyalty and honour.
Be the Queen you were meant to be.
Don’t settle for less, because your royalty.

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