Make me famous (A prayer to God. Vain but righteous at the same time)


Dear God.
Make me a superstar writer. I want to speak of your fame to the entire world. Write poetry that revolutionizes the world, makes love the focus and puts you on the throne. I want to tell the world that you are real and your love is a sure thing.

I want to write stories that show your goodness and that you are a rock in times of trouble and turmoil. I want to talk about you and how your love changes people. I can’t explain it but I hope I live it, this faith in me that burns bright even when the situations of life try to dim it or extinguish it.

I want to tell the story of the man who loved me so much he died for me on the cross. The God that helps me overcome the situations. Make me influential God so that I may tell of your love & show them that you’re real. Make me famous.

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