Mr. politician


With your sweet words,
That try to seduce me,
To give you my heart,
And ultimately my vote.

With your intellectual talk,
Trying to make me see that we are together,
We are both in the struggle,
Only that we do it from different sides of the divide.

With your false promises,
About how much you love me,
And given a chance you will watch out for me,
You’re like a husband or father,
All I need to do is put my life and vote in your hands.

With your smile,
That doesn’t reach your eyes,
And that hand hidden behind your back,
Ready to sign that bill,
To fatten an already obese wallet.

With my two bob of common sense,
Smirk at you behind your back.
I see through you.
Your sweet words and promises,
An illusion, a trick.
I with my pen,
Have the power,
And next election I will write you a poem,
In the ballot box,
Very short and sweet,
My answer is No.

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