Glass Shattering Hurt


I gave you the glass ball that was my heart.
At first you cherished it,
Later you were indifferent,
Was that why you were careless?
Dropping the ball, shattering my delicate heart!
You went away, left me in pieces.
I hurt, crying for so long because you broke me.
It took me years to glue the pieces together,
Getting scarred with pain
As sharp pieces of your betrayal cut into me.
Now you’re back.
‘Trust me. I will not let you down again’ you say.
Trust, a fragile thing like
My pieced together, glass heart.
My mind says NO!
My heart is in no condition to speak
But it beats louder when you are near.
Is that why I hesitate to keep it safe?

Raylitpoems 2003

One of my favourite poems. Posted it a long time ago but love goes round in cycles so here we are again.

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