Baring my skeletons


I love you and hate you at the same time. A paradox that only some with broken or hurting hearts can understand.

I loved the way you made me feel yet hate how I feel now. My heart loves you and my mind despises you. I stand on an invisible boundary, like that timeline that separates yesterday and today. I loved you with so many yesterdays and pledged to you many today’s. Yet today I don’t want to hear your promises and my tomorrows I have erased you.

My feelings for you are like ying yang in balance though there are days when I swing to the extreme of one. But you know most days I don’t regret what we had, for it taught me how to love. Some days my regrets are like the sand, too many to count. But today am neutral, just venting with no grand emotion in my heart. Just baring my skeletons before I return them to my closet, shut them in tight.

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