The proverbs woman (soul beautiful)


She is beautiful, soul beautiful.
There’s something about her heart,
That shines through to her face and makes her glow.
She has a heart of gold,
And she is kind and generous.
Her laugh is like music,
It soothes the heart and makes it glad.
She is a godly woman,
Working to live the life that her heavenly father wants for her.
She’s not an angel,
She does wrong many times,
But she has a repentant heart.
She doesn’t believe in spreading her love to many men:
Just because it’s the fashion;
Or lifestyle of the moment;
Or she needs the money.
She respects herself and her body because her body is God’s temple.
She’s not a cheap thrill,
But she’s a heavenly one,
That comes with an expensive price of a wedding ring
She’s worth it.
Because she’s a proverbs woman.
A woman of wisdom, courage and virtue.
A righteous woman.
A woman a wise man would seek,
Because she’s more precious than gold or rubies.

Dedicated to all the women striving to always be a proverbs woman. May God’s grace help you to live the exciting life he has planned for you. May he give you a soul mate who recognizes a pearl and is ready to work to keep you by his side. You are beautiful. I celebrate you!

Raylitpoems 2011.

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  1. Thank you for this poem – I so needed it’s encouragements today. Christ calls us to ‘be ye perfect even as I am perfect’. He defined perfections as obeying God always – not as obeying an agenda of performance set by humans, societies, cultures, etc. What a relief! whether my life’s tasks are repetitive or varied – I can trust in Him, without fear of boredom ruts or suddenly changing scenarios. I can remain at peace, yielded to God’s design for my life, at rest in His loving Plan and Will. Thank you again for your poem.

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