Keep moving!


You have to keep moving.
Don’t stop!
Life will always try to break you,
It’s a cruel master,
With a whip and chains,
Wanting to crush you!
Keep the hope alive,
And hug your dreams,
Don’t let go,
Because you may fall and not get up.
Keep dreaming,
And hoping, keep the dreams alive.
Keep moving, one step, two steps,
Even if you falter,
Or make mistakes and fall back,
Get back up.
Keep your eyes on the finish line,
It’s not the end,
As long as you keep moving,
And dreaming and hoping,
Walking towards your dreams.
Sometimes it may seem like others have run,
And you are have been left behind,
But be focused,
Our pace is not the same,
Our talents, gifts, education,resilience
And opportunities are not the same.
Just keep moving.
One day you will find that you are there.
Just keep moving.
Keep praying, dreaming, hoping,
Having faith in you and in God.
Just keep moving.

raylitpoems 2011

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