Happy Birthday to me!


Am so grateful for another day, another year.
It’s been a year of ups and downs.
Am still breathing so that’s an A plus.
It’s a new day, a new year for me,
Another chance to pursue my dreams.
I thank God because he gave me life
And the grace to endure the trials that come my way.
A new year, a new slate for me to do things in different ways,
To right wrongs and follow new paths.
I am growing,
Started as a seed
Now am a young tree maturing every day!
Scars I have that tell many tales
But I know what didn’t kill me made me stronger.
I pray that God may give me wisdom and love.
That I may be wise and love others more.
I pray that he may bless me so that I bless others.
I thank God for the birthday gifts he’s given me,
My family, friends, my health, my talents,
Everything I have is a gift from him.
So its time to say the words,
Happy birthday to me!

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