Hallo past!


Hallo past!
I wanted to meet you face to face,
To say Goodbye.
We have shared so many sorrows and laughs.
I have tried to get over you,
Over things that happened that made me sad.
I have carried you in my heart,
And you have hurt my heart,
With the pain of carrying you,
A weight so heavy.
But now its time to get going,
My future is waiting,
To grab onto something new with both hands,
One must get rid of what one is holding.
I am letting go of you,
I have learnt so much from you,
Both good and bad.
Now its time to let you go,
To let go of the shadows of yesterday,
And say hallo to the light of tomorrow.
I have learnt from my mistakes,
Gained strength from my sorrows,
And become better instead of bitter.
I lost love but gained faith.
I am a better person,
I have many reasons to smile.
So goodbye, my past, goodbye.

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