Crispy heaven


Flavor caresses my tongue as I taste you.
You melt in my mouth,
Sensation of salty favor,
And the tanginess of vinegar makes my taste buds go crazy,
That Samba Salt and Vinegar knows how to tease.
Sometimes I want to get all hot and spicy,
Get me some Party Paprika,
Makes my taste buds wake up from their sleep to dance the salsa.
When I’m feeling like chilling,
Let my taste buds relax,
Like am on the beach relaxing,
Sipping on a cold drink I like it Summer salty.

Sometimes I like to keep my taste buds guessing,
Is it fruit or crisp?
That sweet crisp sensation I keep it Funky Fruit Chutney.
Sometimes I want that flavor,
That reminds me of many special times,
Of sauces and dips that make my crisps tangy and sweeter,
I like it Trendy Tomato.
Sweet, sour, hot, salty, fruity,
The taste of you on my tongue,
Makes my taste buds explode,
My tummy does a welcome dance,
And my brain goes into hyper mode.
So take a bite,
Crunch it up,
Let your taste buds have a party!

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