Wrapped in new cellophane (my heart)


Be gentle,
My love with my heart,
As it’s delivered to you in its new cellophane wrapping,
Straight from the laundry of life,
Where it had gone to be cleaned,
Of the hurt and pain I suffered.
See, here they have repaired the torn edges of my heart,
And there removed the smear of blood splatters,
Where my heart had fallen, and bled.
Smell that,
The clean aroma of perfumed garment,
My heart smells good as new,
Don’t be fooled,
It may look new after the laundry’s been done,
But that garment has gone many miles.
My love,
I want to be sure that you will take care of this heart,
It’s not a wash and wear, am not easy.
This is a special laundry item,
Many instructions, but it’s a special garment.
Be kind.
For best results, refer to the label.
I’m hoping and trusting,
That this time I am giving it to the right person,
So before you rip off that laundry cellophane,
Are you sure that this garment belongs to you?

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