Looking in the mirror,
All she sees is ugliness.
So she makes herself into a rainbow,
So many colours, so many shades,
A smiling clown full of makeup,
To hide the face she thinks,
Is ugly.

Stepping on the scale,
She feels fat.
So she eats and purges,
To be the right weight,
To be what the magazines define as the right shape,
But she can’t stop, it’s never enough,
She becomes a skeleton,
To stop feeling ugly.


She is broken inside,
She feels worthless,
So she uses sex to feel powerful,
So that she can feel she is worthy,
That she has value.
Many men, so much power.
Sex makes her forget the ugliness inside.


He doesn’t like his life,
He should have been more then this.
This is not the life he deserves
So he takes drugs and alcohol to numb the pain,
To fly and live in the castles of his imagination.
He smokes it, inhales it, then injects it,
He needs to keep the ugliness at bay,
The ugliness that is his life.

man taking drugs

He has money and power
But no respect,
So he spreads the dollars to get the love,
Buys some sex here, some people there,
Money will cover his shortcomings,
His cruelty and disregard for others,
His ugly personality.

money man

So many versions of ugliness,
Everybody hides,
Trying to escape,
From the ugliness,
Inside and out,
But you cannot run away
You must face the ugliness,
Realize that your looking in,
Through a broken mirror,
It distorts the image of who we really are.
For everyone of us is beautiful,
But we must believe it,
To feel it.
God makes all things beautiful,
So turn your heart to the Son,
Let his light shine on you

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