That Man!


You make the butterflies dance in my stomach,
And have a party.
You touch my heart,
Make it beat fast.
There is something about your smile,
That reaches past my defenses,
And makes me want to trust you,
Even when you break my heart.
You bring out the best in me,
Yet you also bring out the worst in me.
You make my moods swing,
Sometimes hot, sometimes cold.
Your like chocolate sweet,
But sometimes like lemon bitter.
You bring out the woman in me,
Make me feel all sexy and goofy,
Yet your bring the shrew in me,
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
You bring out all the range of emotions,
From love to hate to indifference,
You got me swinging from emotion pendulum.
You are the past,
Or you are the present
Or maybe you are the future man,
That holds my heart.

raylitpoems 2012

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