If friends were like gems, you’d be a diamond.
Your smile is as dazzling, as a diamond in the light.
You’ve been like a ray of light in my life as long as I have known you,
Shining for me when I have been in despair,
Or even when I have been as gay as a lark.
You have made me laugh,
When I should have been crying on your shoulder.
You have been a great friend,
The type that’s hard to find,
Because they are rare treasures.
A treasure to be held tightly,
Because I have searched many years to find it,
And mostly I have been finding stardust,
Not the real kind of thing.
Our friendship has evolved like a diamond from the mine,
Dug up, washed, cut from the rough
Into the diamonds they are now.

I hope our friendship will remain,
As strong as the diamonds,
Becoming more precious as time goes by.
May we always take care of the links,
That binds us like pieces of jewelry together.
Know that no matter where I go or who I meet,
You will always be my diamond,
A diamond in the rough,
Never perfect but never noticing the flaws,
And always constantly close to my heart.

Raylit 2001

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