I am not a chips funga – Mr. Politician!


I don’t trust you,
Mr. Politician.
We have a history, you and I.
Been seduced by your words in the past,
Let you get into my head and heart,
I trusted you with no reason,
And you kept breaking my heart.
Your selfish, all that matters is you,
Your bills, your houses, your cars, your kids, your health.
What about me,
And the promises you made to me.
You romanced me,
Told me, the Mwananchi that it was all about me.
But you treat me like a chips funga,
Use me then don’t want to see me,
You won’t take my calls,
Only look for me when you need me.
For you it’s all about using me,
We don’t have a relationship.
I am tired of your lies, your false promises,
I am tired of you using me,
You have broken my heart, and my country.
I’m done with you.
I’m older and wiser,
Your words no longer seduce me,
You’re just a player,
Looking for easy bait.
I am looking for something better,
Someone who really cares about me,
Cares about my future and country,
A man who respects my rights,
Who upholds the promises he makes to me.
Someone who cares about my children,
And wants them to have a brighter future.
So Mr. Politician,
Lose my number; you have already lost my vote,
Mteja hapatikani kwa sasa.

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