Love isn’t – Stop domestic violence.



Love is sweet in the highs,
When it feels good,
And hands reach out to touch, caress, or hold.
Love is bitter in the lows,
When it hurts,
And hands reach out to wound and hurt.
Love is meant to build,
To be sweet and bring a smile to the face.
But love can be cruel,
It breaks hearts and bones,
And tears down confidence.
But is it love when the one you love,
Wants to kill you,
Slowly by slowly,
Wounding your spirit,
Making you feel worthless and unloved,
Destroying your body,
One blow at a time.
That’s not love,
Love doesn’t hurt.
Say no to domestic violence.
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  1. Why does he hit me? Why does he leave me? Why do you hate me? All I can do Is sit think about my life. I should have left. Why did I stay? Why am I so hungry. Why arm I not love. Why do you love her more? Why should I listen? Why am I on my way to my grave? I tell you why because I didn’t listen to my family I chose water over blood.

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