Breaking my heart and body – Domestic violence


I had enough love to fill an ocean,
But I had cried enough tears to do that too.
Broken to my foundations,
Never thought that love would ever turn to hate.
I gave you my heart and body to cherish,
Never thinking that you would use my body as a punching bag.
I wanted so much that fairytale life,
Happily ever after.
But you broke my heart,
Each day breaking it a little more.
First with the emotional abuse,
Then a slap here, a punch there.
I tried to leave you,
But your love was like a drug,
An addiction so I kept coming back.
I wanted to leave,
But at first I was ashamed,
Then I thought maybe I deserve it,
Maybe I wasn’t the wife you wanted.
In the end I endured it,
Hiding the punches and fractures with makeup, concealing clothes and lies.
Now its over,
I can rest easy,
No more beatings, no more abuses.
You cant hurt me anymore.
This last time you broke the record,
You finished it with one blow,
With a knife to my chest.

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