Our hearts beat as one!


I am a slave to your love,
It binds me like a spell,
And you become my master,
Holding my fate in your hands.
Its magic this love,
It holds me fast, spellbound.
I am addicted to your kiss,
It’s like chocolate,
I must have more.
My thoughts toss and turn,
My body comes alive,
When you touch me,
Or even at the mention of your name.
My love is deep,
And strong, so sincere.
I long for you,
For your embrace,
For that touch from you that makes my heart,
Become a drum that beats out a tune.
There was never a love like this,
A passion that ripened,
Like fruit plucked from a tree.
This love is sweet,
And I feel like I could taste,
The elixir of love forever,
So that this fountain of love may make me young forever,
Like the fountain of youth.
I am enchanted by you,
You make me your Queen,
But I am also your fool.
My love grows through the seasons,
Yet it stagnates also,
Dries sometimes when the rivers of love,
Seem to dry up.
We are not perfect,
You and I.
But we are two souls,
Intertwined by love,
And the illusion of happiness.
I am yours,
You are mine,
Together our hearts beat as one.

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