Animal farm (Some animals are more equal then others)


See them laugh, their faces show no worries, no frown lines, skin made smooth from the best lotions, creams, oils and cosmetic procedures money can buy. Carefree, money aint no problem, only problem is how to spend it. They are priviledged, drive big cars and live in extravagant houses. Drink imported wines, spirits, coffee, teas and cigarettes. An expensive healthcare cover to treat even that minute cold, and millions to cover that serious medical condition, that cant be treated locally. Children that go to the most expensive schools in Kenya and abroad, children that may never have entered a matatu, its a driver even from the house to the shops. They are our people, our leaders, our politicians. They are out of touch with our reality, our situations and struggles. Yet they say tuko pamoja, we are together in the struggle. We struggle to survive, they struggle for power. In the end we become powerless when we give them our power. Is this the uhuru our people fought for, where a few enjoy and others suffer, carrying the worries of their country on their backs and knees as they struggle to survive? Its time for change, time for the pawns to arise, its time to say no to impunity. Its time to show that some animals were not created more equal then others. This country does not belong to pigs and dogs, it belongs to everybody who struggled for its liberation. Let the revolt begin with education and end with our ballot papers. Its time for change!

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