Mr. Politician, looking great I see!


Mr. Politician,

Hey, how are you doing? Man you look good. That Italian suit that costs more than what I earn in a month. That silk tie that could pay my electricity bill. Those Italian shoes that could pay my rent for a month. That shirt made out of pure Egyptian cotton, that would pay my … Don’t get me started.

A man having a drink at the club. Image from
A man having a drink at the club. Image from

Oh damn you’re looking good. Too bad my sweat is paying for that good life your having. I am working hard but I don’t see the fruits, because your eating all of them. I am barely making it, while your busy spending it. You don’t want to pay tax, say you have many responsibilities, kwani what do I have?

You don’t want to pay tax yet you expect me to pay tax so you can live it large while I barely make it from payslip to payslip. As you sleep on your 1000 thread cotton Egyptian sheets do you dream about me, do you? Do you think about your meal ticket? Do you ever wonder how I am doing? Do you ever think how you could make my life better?

Do I ever cross your mind anytime as the song asks? I do, I think about you all the time? Get mad when I thing about my money which you use casually. I am tired of this life where I am the slave in the plantation and you are the cruel master. Its time for change, for new things and new realities. Its time for you to go back home where you belong!

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