I want to fly (dont drink and drive, You may shatter a child’s dream)


I want to fly,
Like the other boys do,
When they play football,
And their laugh fills the air.
I want to soar like an eagle,
As I laugh, dance, play.
I want to play marbles,
And play with tires,
Drive it around pretending like it’s a car.
I want to ride a bike,
Fall off and get back on.
I want to play hide and seek,
Then go off for adventures with the boys.
I want to be a normal boy,
Doing normal boy things,
But I can’t,
Am stuck, watching, looking, wishing.
Seated in a wheelchair,
On the inside looking out,
My dreams shattered,
When a drunk matatu driver,
Collided with another intoxicated lorry driver.
So I only fly in my dreams,
Where I can be a normal boy again,
Until I wake to the nightmare that is,
My normal paralyzed self.

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