Mr. Politician let me introduce myself


Hallo Mr. Politician.

I know you don’t know me even though I have been communicating with you so I thought I would introduce myself.

Like many other Kenyans I am a worker, working every day to pay my bills. I wish I could say I save alot of money every month but with the economy being the way it is its a struggle even paying bills.

Everything has gone up and the salary doesn’t seem to be adjusted for that. So now some things that were basic necessities are now luxuries. And the taxes are still the same even though I am not doing too good on the money front. Then I see the government spending money on frivolous things like furniture from abroad then I wonder are the carpenters in Kenya incompetent?

Like so many other Kenyans my parents wanted me to have a better future so they encouraged me to go to school. Our generation we were told that education would be our ticket to a better future and a great job. So our parents hassled to get money to take us to school, even taking loans to get us through university.

After university jobs are few, and you Mr. Politician take the plum government and parastatal jobs and give them to your relatives, friends and supporters. Then the rest of us are supposed to hassle where when companies also hire your people so that you owe them favours? I get mad because some of your relatives don’t even report to work, they are ghost workers yet earning alot of money and allowances. Yet the graduate who really needs the job and has psyche to work is a makanga, a shoe shiner etc etc.

(cartoon of Ghost workers)

I don’t mean to pick on you Mr. Politician but it seems since I elected you the only people to benefit are you and yours. We am left struggling to find work. And for those of us who have jobs we struggle from paycheck to paycheck. There are many things to say Mr. Politician and we will be communicating in the next couple of weeks.

Until next time, Sincerely the citizen.

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