A thousand ways to die


1000 ways to die

There are a thousand ways to die.
I could die in a freak storm in the rain.
Maybe the cops may kill me with a stray bullet.
I may get hit by a truck crossing the road.

So many ways I could die,
But I have so many reasons to live.
Maybe because you make me feel alive,
Though you could make me die,
With your kiss,
Because my heart races fast,
Sometimes I think I could get a heart attack.
Or with your touch,
That makes me feel like electricity is running through my body,
Maybe some day the shock will kill me.
A thousand ways to die,
So if I must,
Can I do it by your side?

A thousand ways to die.
I could drown while swimming in the ocean,
Or get a fatal disease.
I could die when a psycho killer decides to make me his target.

There are a thousand ways to die,
But I want to live,
So that I can see your smile,
That makes my brain switch off,
Maybe that is what will finally kill me.
Or the heat I feel when you touch me,
I can feel the heatstroke coming on,
Maybe my temperature will get so high,
I may die from overexposure to you,
Because you’re my sun.

A thousand ways to die,
A million reasons to live.
If my day has come,
Then you’re the one,
I want to hold me as I slowly fade away,
Let my spirit slip off to the bye and bye.
There are a thousand ways to die,
But you’re my reason to live.

(this poem was inspired by a tweet by Antonesoul called a thousand ways to die. It reminded me of a song called “50 ways to leave your Lover.” It is a silly piece so don’t take it too seriously.)

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