Mr. Politician you have betrayed us!


Mr. Politician our former comrade how are you? I see you in parliament nowadays talking to all those MP’s you said you wouldn’t be like and your laughing and having fun. You betrayed us. Remember when you used to say that our country needs reform. When you were one of us, born without a silver political spoon.

You used to say that those born into political families they don’t know our struggles. You said that we should elect you to represent us because you are one of us. You were born into poverty and you dug yourself out. You got an education and it changed your life, opened doors for you.

You said our laws need reform. That our laws directly or indirectly favor the rich and the powerful. But we can change things. All we need are some good, honest politicians to change the system. We believed in you and elected you, thinking that you will go and turn things around. How naive we were!

Mr. Politician, my former comrade, brother and fellow reformer why do you now refuse to answer my calls. Nowadays I can’t even get to greet you, you are surrounded by bodyguards to keep me, me your former friend away from you. Me who used to sometimes buy you lunch or give you fare when you were broke. Nowadays you have become fat; you look like your going to deliver a baby. They have bought you, bought your conscience. Now you are one of them.

Mr. Politician I heard the other day that you want to give yourself a send off package, backdated. What does that mean? Anyway someone explained that you want to give yourself a retirement benefit that you did not earn. That is so unfair. You earn so much. You are a millionaire. Yet you want more of my money. The money that you said would build schools, make healthcare affordable to people like us and create jobs.

Every time I think of the promises you made me I get angry. Because you have turned out to be just like them. But we have had enough. Me and your fellow comrades, your fellow reformers have gotten tired. We want change. You don’t want to give it to us because your so busy trying to fit in, to please your new masters. I want to tell you, warn you that the status quo is changing. Don’t expect me to vote you in again. You can keep your sugar, milk, beer, whatever you want to give me so that I vote you in I don’t need it. Change is coming, be very afraid because when the new train comes in 2013 you will not be in it. As you used to sing with us Baado Mapambano.

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