Superhero – Save us from the politicians.


Looking for a superhero,
A man who will save the citizens from the politicians.
We are the innocents,
They are the villains.
They want our valuables,
They steal our taxes,
They enslave us, burden us with debts we cant pay,
Which they squander creating committees after committees,
So that they can pay themselves allowances
And when its over the report is shelved.
The politicians pay themselves huge allowances,
And leave our country poor.

We need a superhero,
A badass like Batman,

Who knows how to get the job done,
Who is all guts and not about the glory.
Thing is our politicians are all Jokers,
Taking everything as a laugh,
And blowing up our dreams of a great future.
Our politicians are like Luther,
Pretending to be good on the outside,
But wicked on the inside.
Where is our Superman,
to unmask these villains?

We need a superhero or two,
To save us from this gang of thieves.
Calling out for a superhero,
Who will change this town and country,
Make it crime free,
Get rid of the bad elements,
Starting with the current politicians.
Superhero we are looking for you,
Come change our town, and country,
And keep us safe from this gang of thieves.

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