If he was a girl


I wish I could petition God for one favour,
Make all men become women for a day or a week,
Let them experience love and pain from our eyes.
You the man would never,
Forget to answer our calls when we have missed you,
And we want to talk,
Or when we text you,
You would be bothered to reply.
You would know how it hurts,
When you break our hearts,
With your lies,
With your indifference,
When you show us you don’t need us.
If you were a girl for a time,
You would remember our birthday, anniversaries,
And all those days that are important,
That means so much to us.
If you were a girl,
You wouldn’t make a promise then break it,
You wouldn’t refuse to pay child support,
Not spend all your money in the bar,
Yet your child has no school fees,
Or is sleeping on an empty stomach.
You would never take for granted a woman having your child,
Because you would know that it is a gift of love,
And if that woman who you lied to and cheated,
Would not have an abortion,
She is a great woman.
God would you do a miracle,
And make this men understand our pain,
Understand our anger and despair,
When they break our hearts,
Let them understand then they will change.

This post was written for a friend who wanted a post that was sort of life Beyonce’s if I was a boy. Cant compete with that but I thought I could do something different. Hope it makes sense to every girl because sometimes I have felt like that. For guys to understand what we go through so that they could think twice.
woman 2

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  1. this is a great read…actually better than the song.

    I would want them to understand that thou i have a pott belly, flabby arms i still give some good loving

    ask them to take time to appreciate my weight, my skin colour, my hair and not be too quick to ask me to go on a diet or an operation, use skin lightners, and laugh at my weave…

    Being a gal is a calling, loads of work

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