Cupid Pour Me A Glass Of Love!

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Cupid my bartender,
Pour me a glass of love.
My nerves are shot,
And my heart is shaking,
I need some love to steady my nerves.
I am an addict of love,
I tried to stop,
Even went through the 12 steps to stop love addiction.
I think I am a hopeless case,
I can’t stop wanting love.
I want it so bad I can’t stop obsessing about getting some,
During the day during work hours, I daydream about getting some love,
Even during the night I wake wanting some love to comfort me.
Cupid I have tried love rehabilitation,
I have tried prayers, meditation, and counselling,
I even got addicted to the hate drug for a while,
Nothing works.
I don’t think I can cure this addiction,
So pour me a glass of love,
The quality stuff, I don’t want the cheap stuff anymore,
I deserve the best quality,
I paid my dues,
I need some expensive love,
A love that is full-bodied,
A love that ages well with maturity,
The kind that I will be able to say has a year attached to it,
And years later it is still maturing.
I want a great love,
A love that matures like a great whiskey or brandy,
So that when I drink it I know that it’s the ish.
So Mr. Cupid my bartender,
A great love straight is my order,
I don’t want no ice or lemon,
I want to enjoy it,
So make it a double,
I want to savour it when I have my drink of love.
I want to get drunk on love,
Dance like I am appearing in a music video,
And for the hangover, I want to be thinking,
If love’s that much fun I don’t mind the hangover,
I have no regrets,
So pour me another glass to chase the hangover.
Cupid my bartender pour me another glass of love.
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