Mr. Politician I am so mad right now


Hallo Mr. Politician.

No pleasantries today. I am so mad. You have betrayed me and this country. I cant believe that you are that selfish. When we voted for the new constitution we were looking forward to things changing in Kenya. Including how you politicians act in and out of parliament. We were trying to make sure that no one president or politician would act as if Kenya is their personal playground.

After the last election let me tell you I was not excited about voting again. But I did believing that the new constitution would change the political, social and economic landscape for Kenya. But guess what I forgot that there are people who care more about their careers as freeloaders on taxpayers money then about the country. What was the point of me voting for change if you would then change the law back to favour you and your friends?

You and your friends have refused to pay tax. Then hide behind some law or other to protect yourselves. Now you want to change the constitution to allow you to run for as many posts as you feel like in the next election! Then you can choose which one you will accept or which one you will be forced to take if you don’t win the one you want. And who is going to pay for those repeated elections. Me. Me who pays taxes. Me who breaks my back every day to go to work six days a week including holidays.

I am angry. Actually I am more then angry. I want to take action. No more talking. Talking is for the civilized and since we have established that you are not civilized its time for action. I am hearing that people are going to come and protest outside parliament. I think I will come there and do so too. You cannot make this country suffer because your scared to go home and do a nine to five job like everybody else. This country is bigger then your political ambitions. This country belongs to millions of Kenyans not just 210 MPs’.

It’s time you learnt that this country doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to us the common mwananchi.


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