Love and Protest


We love our country
That’s why we protest when some run it like it’s their own,
This ain’t a shamba,
Where you make all the decisions,
We are not cows and sheep to be lead to the slaughter,
Although you do behave like pigs so it figures,
That you think this is animal farm.

Our parents, grandparents, and family didn’t suffer,
Oppression, murder, economic sabotage, treason charges etc,
So that you could get a cushy ride,
Sleep on the job on those comfy cushions in parliament,
Or sleep around outside of it ruining young girls with money.
We did not vote for a new constitution,
For you to change it as often as you change your shirt.

This is our country, Kenya ni Kwetu,
Its time you knew it,
You take us for granted,
But we don’t take the constitution for granted,
You have buried our dreams and hopes,
But they still live.
49 years after independence,
And we are dependent on others,
Because of bad decisions you make.

Its time,
That love protests
That love says enough is enough,
This is our country, our home, our future,
And you cannot behave like it belongs to you alone,
Its time for love to plot the course,
The young to tell the old enough is enough,
This country is our future, our hope and holds our dreams,
So if you won’t join us to build,
Then you must leave,
We will bury your legacy when you leave,
And not look back.
Its time
That love protests out loud.

To all the guys who went out today to Uhuru Park and to parliament Thank You for standing up for what you believe in. You represented us well. Thanks for all the guys who supported the movement even if they weren’t there in person. And even if they didn’t cover it much on the news remember “the revolution shall not be televised but it shall go out on social media.  We shall overcome.

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