Mr. Hot Chocolate Man


We were having a debate about this post the taste of you. Some guys said it is not about chocolate but about a guy. It is not about a guy though it is a play on words and its supposed to play with your imagination. If I had written about a guy this would be it.

Mr Hot Chocolate Man,
Come out to play,
It’s cold and I need some warmth.
Come warm me up,
With those hot lips,
Let me taste that chocolate sensation,
My hot chocolate man.
I need a Cadburys hug,
Hold me tight and don’t let go.
Let me kiss those lips,
And let me melt when I taste your sweetness.
You got me high on your sugar.
You got power over me,
I am helpless against your chocolate kisses.
And I want more and more and more.
Mr. hot chocolate man,
You make me so hot,
I want to drink you up like you are a chocolate sundae,
Or sip you slowly like a cold, chocolate milkshake.
Either way, you’ll hit that spot,
So come make me melt,
The way only you can.
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