I thought I had you but I didn’t.


I thought I had you but I didn’t.
All those fantasies that kept me warm at night,
And fueled my imagination,
There were all for naught.
In the end our love was like sand in the hand,
Slowly slipping away through the fingers.
I thought what we had was real,
But it was a mirage,
I was in a desert,
Thirsting for love,
And this it looked so true and good,
Sweet, I could taste the fresh, sweet water,
But all I got in my mouth was sand.
Maybe I had grown up with too many fairytales,
Or read too many romances,
Where love conquers despite all,
Maybe that’s why I held on,
Love was blind and I was content,
To close my eyes and deal with fantasies,
Instead of cold, sad reality.
One day I woke up,
Rudely brought back to reality,
The real you doesn’t measure up to the fantasy,
Our love didn’t make sense in real time, the real world.
So my fairytale castles crumbled,
And I am left with the sad realization,
I thought I had you but I didn’t.
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