Why women have 5 million pairs of shoes!!!!


I was having a discussion with some guy pals the other day. I was trying to sell them some maasai sandals. Then we started a discussion on shoes. They were saying that women have too many shoes. That they change like three pairs by the time its ten o’clock. They said we have shoes for the office, shoes for walking, shoes for shoes etc. Well I think they suffer from shoe envy because their shoes are so expensive they cant afford to buy many pairs. There are many reasons women have many shoes.

1. We have sexy shoes. those are the shoes that make you strut like a model. they make you feel sexy and elegant. These are usually high heels. But if you wear a heel that’s more then 3 inches your on your own ( i don’t get it, unless your short).

2. We need shoes for running around. Women are always running somewhere, o to market, supermarket, running after children, to school etc. And while we are running around we need shoes that are comfortable because we are usually carrying many things. So these have to be comfortable. You can also wear them to the shamba or when your doing general cleaning. These are those plastic shoes women wear nowadays, ngoma and some general low maintenance shoes.

3. They are a fashion accessory. You want to dazzle the world and your outfit must match from head to toe including shoes. It makes you look good and sexy too.

4. Contrary to what men think not all women’s shoes are cheap. Some are damn expensive. but it is true you can get quality shoes at a cheaper price. Especially if you buy mitumba shoes. So you can get many quality shoes and not break your budget. But if the shoe is right but expensive women will break their budget to get that pair of shoes.

5. Shoes can get a man’s attention. There are those shoes that a woman wears that even guys notice. They make you look sexy or slutty. But they work. They make a man focus on your assets , your beautiful legs – that is if your legs dont look like hockey sticks. Sorry ladies i say it as it is.

6.  I think some women have an identity crisis and it shows in their shoe choice. I cant explain it but have you ever seen some shoes on a chick and your like what is the world. Yap I cant explain it. I think its called screaming for help through shoe choice.

7. To get height. Some women are short and want to be taller. But generally most women wish they were taller so they use shoes to boost height. And also look sexy.

Anyway those are some of the reasons women have many shoes. i know there are millions. any excuse to get a good pair of shoes works. Ladies if you know any more let me know and I will update the post with them.

Guys I hope you get it now. Women love shoes. They have many functions so quit saying we have too many shoes.

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