My love affair


You are so hot and sexy,

Sensual in all that you do,
You make me want to throw away all my inhibitions,
Do things I have never done before.
I love that your old,
Yet so young in spirit.
You make me want to go sit on the beach,
And fall in love with you over and over again.
I love your cologne,
That salty smell that’s so unique to you.
You make me want to stay,
Leave everything behind just to be with you.
When I am with you,
I feel so sensual, so alive.
But our love was not meant to be,
That is why we have a passionate affair Mombasa.
But I can’t stay,
I am already married,
I regret,
To Nairobi until death do us part.
This is post number one in a series of two posts about being in love. Post two is married to you . Check it out
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