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nairobi_skyline-600x449Places I love and would love to visit.

My friend Njooro challenged me to write a post on the joys of traveling and destinations that inspire me. I decided to choose 10 places, five that I have been to, and five that I would love to visit. Some are countries and some are towns. Let me start with the five that I love that I have visited. Here is my travel bucket list.



Nairobi is a city close to my heart. I was born here and hope if God wishes to die here. Nairobi is a great place to live. I love the blend of cultures, architecture, and attitude. Some of my favorite places are the animal orphanage/national park/safari walk. It’s an awesome place. I also love the churches, restaurants, clubs – they are so dynamic. Paradise lost on Kiambu road, Uhuru Park/Lunar Park – I love the rides. I love my home. Had to put that in.

What I haven’t tried. Going into a boat at Uhuru Park. That dark water scares me. I will try that one of these days. I also want to go to the elephant orphanage. It’s on the list of things to do.

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beach things 2

I love Mombasa. It’s a beautiful place. It makes me want to stay forever. The heat gets to me I must admit. The beaches are beautiful even if some places the sea weed has taken up beach space. Mombasa is very relaxed and not as hectic as Nairobi. So I always come back refreshed. I always got henna tattoos when I go. Those things make me look good. I love the blend of architecture between old and new. I also love the food down at the coast.

Places I have never been. I have never been to the Marine Park and the National parks. I want to go there and check them out. I want to do abit of diving as well.

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Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is one place I fell in love with. The people are friendly. The food is fantastic. Some of the clubs make Kenyan clubs look shabby I must say. I just liked the warmth of the people and the food. And the Ugandan men are gentlemen it’s not a myth it’s true. They know how to treat ladies well.

I have only been to Entebbe and Kampala so I would love to tour more of Uganda. I would also like to swim in Lake Victoria.

Rift Valley.

What’s not to love in Rift Valley? I love the scenery. The beautiful mountain and valleys. I used to love climbing Mt. Longonot though I haven’t done it in years. The beauty of that place makes me know that there is God. I love the lakes and the historical sites.

United Kingdom

I lived there for 13 months but I fell in love with quite a few places. I lived in a small town called Mansfield, Nottingham. There were countable blacks living there. In fact when I first went there I stood out. But the people were very friendly and loving. They were not cold as I had been led to expect. I actually lived with two families while I was there. They treated me like part of their families. Then there were those families where I had a dinner date every week. Those guys in Mansfield were top notch. I will never forget their kindness and love towards me. So I loved Mansfield the town and Ravenshead which was where I lived. I plan to go back there again for a visit.

I used to go to London when I was on leave. There were so many fascinating places. Buckingham palace – outside was a great place to visit and we could see Downing Street.

The place that I fell in love with in UK was Alton towers. It is UK’s largest theme park and is situated in Staffordshire. It has the most amazing rides and attractions ever. Some of the rides made me feel like I was going to die one minute and the next minute I was feeling high and wanted to do it again. I loved it especially Nemesis, Air, and Oblivion. It is one place you must visit if you’re into thrills and living on the edge.

The other place I loved was Madame Tussauds. This is a museum like place where there are life size wax figures of celebrities and they look real. I took a lot of pictures there. There was even a wax figure of Jomo Kenyatta. It was a fascinating place.

I also went to a couple of music and church camps where the music and partying was awesome. Who knew Christians could have so much fun?

Places I want to visit. Emirates stadium of course. Gunner for life. I also want to do a tour of the Cadbury factory. Plus go back to Alton towers again and again and again.


Maasai Mara.

I have never been there and I hear it is an experience worth having. I want to go and experience the wildebeest migration for myself. I want to go and see the sights. I want to tembea Kenya.


I want to go to Zanzibar. I don’t even know why I have never been there before but I need to go. I want to experience the culture and food. Look at the architecture and drool. Go hang out on the beach. If by the time I get married I haven’t gone I will insist that my husband and I go there for our honeymoon.


I want to experience Italy. I love their food, architecture, jewelry, their cars, their language, their badassness. I want to go and just experience Italy. I loved Italy from a long time ago.

I used to love books about the mafia. I really romantized those gangsters. But I would love to see Italy and visit Sicily. And maybe get to visit the cathedrals in Rome next door. But I do not like opera so I don’t plan on going to listen to that. But the art and classical music that I must experience.


This for me is my ultimate destination. Who wouldn’t want to see where their saviour was born, grew up, died, and rose again? I can’t wait to go there and experience Israel for myself. See the places I have read about in the bible. Trace the path of Christianity.

I am also a farmer at heart. I want to go to a kibbutz and learn how to make the desert fertile. I know I could use that knowledge here. I want to see how they do it. I want to taste their produce, see how they live.


The reasons I want to go to USA are many. Not for the obvious touristy reasons. The biggest reason is that my brother and cousins live there. I haven’t seen my only brother since 2004 so it would be great to see him in person. A year or two ago it would have been because of he who shall not be named. The man who broke my heart. But no I don’t want to go to the states to stalk him. I am done with that.

I want to go visit the largest comic bookshop in the USA. I would also love to go to where they do marvel comics. Marvel comics are the ones who do Fantastic Four, Spiderman, X-Men, Iron Man, Daredevil and Avengers. Everybody who knows me knows I love cartoons and animations. I want to check them out. If I could manage a visit to Pixar I would be the happiest girl in the world. Of course I would love to visit Disney land. Experience the fantasy.

I would also like to visit The Holyland Experience. This is a theme park by Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) where you can experience the bible as it happened long time ago. They have musicals and stuff like that.

If I could attend a Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen or T D Jakes conference then I would be good to go. Those guys speak into my life like seriously.

There they are my destinations of choice to visit – my travel bucket list. Let me know what yours are.

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