Chess Games (The Games Of Love)

They say love is blind,
But I got in seeing,
Stupidity blinded me,
Because my love was so bright,
It burnt out my inner eye.
Love was my drug,
And I, its prisoner,
It made me go crazy,
And turned my intelligence into madness.
So we played chess games,
And I didn’t protect my king,
Thinking that you weren’t the enemy,
But now my castles are gone,
The queen has fallen,
With a mighty crash.
Now when we are on checkmate,
I realize my folly,
But It is too late,
No retreat, but I can’t surrender.
So I bow out of this game of love,
Put away my pieces,
That I have been torn into.
Life must be lived,
And blindness no longer appeals,
If love is the darkness,
I don’t want it,
If indifference is the light,
Then I embrace it,
These are my thorns,
This is my crown of pain,
Light cancels the dark.
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