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I see you watching me, sizing me up like I am a lamb going to the slaughter. You look at me like I am a piece of meat and you’re the dog about to get its bone.

You say “hi mrembo!”

Out of politeness I respond “poa”

“Niaje Siste, Na si umebeba! Nihow leo jioni si we have kahawa?”

Politely I tell you “niko busy kiasi. Labda siku nyingine”

You make a joke and I laugh. Inside I am sneering though. What’s up with your guys? A mama tries not to be stuck up, to say good morning or good evening and thanks for dropping me off then you get ideas.

Dude you think you got swag because you wear fake diamond earrings and you are cute. Yap I said it you’re not that bad-looking. Just because all the high school girls fall for your lines doesn’t mean I will.

Manze niko na class. Ebu look at me. These shoes cost 5 thousand. My handbag costs 4 thousand. My perfume is a classic expensive perfume which costs like 8 thousand. My hair extensions alone can pay your salary for one month. I know I look fine lakini you can’t afford me. Please stick to those school girls. They don’t have rent to pay or college to attend. All they need is a soda and a movie and they are yours.

Please stop pestering me to have coffee or lunch or dinner. We are in different classes. We may have been born in the same side of town but now I am moving on up. I have no time for your kind. I have bagged me a rich man. I have no time for msee wa mtaa like you.

So do your job and take me where I want to go. Mr. I am a makanga with swag. Coffee please! Where I take coffee it costs what you would make in a day for just one person. So keep your uniform purple jumpsuit, and your kahawa, we makanga. Let me be.

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