Love letters to God.


Dear God

Please hear my prayer, hold me in our arms, and let me cry. You’re the only one who understands what’s in my heart today. The sorrow, the pain, and the paralysis of mind. Envelope me in your love, let your love heal my heart.

I am your child and you are my father. You understand me because you created me. Even when I was but a speck in my mother’s womb you knew me. You created me with a destiny to fulfill, and a purpose that was greater then I.

I focus my eyes on you because you are my rock. My foundations may be crumbling but you can never be shaken. Let my trust be in you, my confidence and my loyalty. Man may fail me; after all they are human and flawed. You, God are eternal and your word is your bond.

I bring my life to you and place it at your feet. Ask you to weave the broken pieces back together. Make me a better, stronger person then I am right now. Help me to look forward and not look back. Because my past may make me cry but my future is so bright I have to laugh. Give me a song in my heart and joy that is above my circumstances.

I thank you for your goodness, protection, and provision. I ask that you will continue to provide and protect. For everything I have I am grateful. For everything that’s coming I bless you.

Thank you for listening.

Your daughter.

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