Heartbreak Hotel


I must move on,
I can’t live here in Heartbreak Hotel forever.
I moved out of a relationship apartment,
On love lane,
In lovers town,
To the town of bitter endings,
To the heartbreak hotel which I could ill afford.
A very expensive venture,
That needs copious amounts of chocolate, tissues, junk food
Books and unwanted advice just to cope.


It’s been a long run,
But I can’t keep paying these hotel bills,
Because I am running on empty,
My heart doesn’t have more to give.
If I could cry,
I would but I am scared that if I did,
Then I would cry floods of tears,
All my bodily fluids would drain out in tears,
And I would be left as a walking mummy.

Its time for me to pick up the pieces of my heart,
This broken, torn heart,
And stitch it back together,
I am no heart surgeon,
So my sutures shall not be neat and tidy,
All I need is for my heart to be able to limp away,
From this battlefield where I have been broken.
I have laid down and given up on love,
I let hope die inside me,
As I bleed and bleed and bleed.

Look there are the vultures,
They are waiting for me to die,
So that they can feed on the juicy scandal.
They will tear me apart with their sharp claws and beaks,
They will feed on gossip,
Oh the stories they will tell,
Pick me and my foolishness apart,
Tell the juicy tales of how I was a fool.
Tell them to buzz off,
Tell them I still live,
I refuse to die on this battlefield of love,
I am broken but I am a survivor,
Even though my heart is broken,
My will is strong,
Even though my heart is weak.
I will get up and move on,
Maybe not today,
Maybe not tomorrow,
But every day I get stronger,
My day is coming,
When I shall say goodbye,
To this heartbreak hotel,
And return to Love Town.

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