Futurist environment

Will this always be a dream or a future reality?

I wrote this poem in a diary that I used to have in high school where I wrote all my poems in pencil. It’s a pretty basic poem but at the time because I was 16 I thought it was pretty awesome.

Futurist environment

I try to look into the future and see how it may be,
All I see is a bleak tomorrow with barren landscapes,
Filled with huge ugly buildings,
No grass, no trees, no vegetation, no greenness.
Black clouds due to smog with small patches of blue skies beyond,
Due to waste from the industrial factories below.

I see sad children sitting around,
Wishing that they had somewhere to play,
But playing in the playgrounds isn’t safe anymore,
Because they are littered with all sorts of rubbish,
Which people of past generations threw,
Expecting “someone” else to take care of it.

The pathways are mounted with rubbish,
Of careless people who don’t care,
Because the rubbish has always been there,
Since so long ago before they were born.
The people are used to this existence,
Because no one ever taught them any better.

I see another scene,
Of how it could have been,
If people cared about their environment.
If people didn’t wait for ‘someone’ else,
To clean up their messes,
And make the world a better place for them to live in.

I see clear blue skies with silver lined clouds,
I see beautiful trees and green grass,
In harmony with the tall sky scrappers.
I see beautiful parks with joyful people.
I see the children playing in harmony.
In the clean unlittered playgrounds and fields.

In the future I see,
How it could have been and how it will be,
If we waif for someone else to clean up the environment,
“Someone” who will care because we don’t have time,
That someone should be you and I.
Leaving the environment better then we found it.

You may say that,
“It’s not my problem, I am too busy!”
You also get your children to follow your example,
When you throw litter around.
You leave the environment looking unsightly,
Although you should know better, shouldn’t you?

You should know that to trash is not to advance,
To litter makes the earth look ugly
To pollute will only destroy the environment.
You also know that,
Prevention is better then cure,
So be someone who cares about the environment.

How I wish our city would be like
Will this always be a dream or a future reality?
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