Collective amnesia


Collective amnesia
That’s what we have.
We don’t want to remember the violence four years ago,
Remember how our hate almost burnt our country down.
It isn’t helpful to remind us that Kisumu was on fire,
And so was Rift valley,
Why remind us that Nairobi was full of soldiers,
That we worried if Kenya would be torn apart like some neighboring countries.

We don’t want to remember,
Because if we did we would have to repent our part in it,
The jokes we made about other tribes,
The accusations that those others should not live in “our regions”
The way that we said we would hold on to power at all costs.
It would force us to acknowledge that we were and are part of the problem,
Our thoughts and actions brought our country to its knees,
So we forget so that we can absolve ourselves of the guilt.
We say it was them, who did these things,
Who were they if not us?
We fueled the fire that almost burnt down our country,
So what if we weren’t the ones, who struck the match,
But we collected the firewood.
Its time to come out,
Take the blame,
Repair the dams that have broken,
Because if not fire may break out again,
And who knows if this time,
The fire will be put out.
Let’s start with me.
I am sorry!
Never again put tribe in front of country,
Never again fan the stereotypes of tribes.
It starts with me,
And ends with you.
So here’s you chance to make things right,
Take my hand and let’s build bridges of peace across the nation.

Most of the images by Boniface Mwangi.

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  1. Kenyans are acting like Kenya was always peaceful before 2007-2008 pev and that is not true although the scale seen had not been witnessed before but we must all play our part in building the country but also understand that the issues are far deeper than we at times acknowledge.

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