Sleeping with the enemy


They say I am sleeping with the enemy,
That he is no good for me.
I don’t agree, I love him.
So what if he hits me once in a while,
So what if once he broke my jaw,
So what if he monitors my calls and texts,
So what if I have to come straight home from work, no detours.
He gets mad because he is possessive,
He loves me so much he doesn’t want any other man to have me.
That’s why he hit me that time,
Because that man admired me,
That’s why he broke my jaw,
Because he saw me hugging my ex-boyfriend.
This man, he spoils me.
Buys me expensive gifts to say sorry,
And flowers to make me feel better.
You do not understand this man,
I do.
He said he can’t live without me,
I am his sun, moon and stars.
So don’t tell me to leave him,
I will love him until my dying breath.

My inspiration for the title was a movie I watched a long time ago. Sleeping with the Enemy was a movie in which Julie Robert acted as an abused woman who left her husband but her husband pursued her to kill her. Women need to get out of abusive relationships but many times they get conditioned to the pain until they cannot leave. They make excuses for the man. Many times such stories end in tragedy when the woman is killed by the man. Speak out against domestic violence. You may save a woman’s life. Never give up on women in such relationships. They need to know that they have support when they (hopefully) eventually make up their minds that enough is enough.

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