This Boy, This Man!


They say that he is stronger,
That he don’t need as much protection,
Because he is a boy!
He is physically stronger, yes,
But emotionally and intellectually he is par,
He needs love and understanding.
He needs to get an education, this boy.

Don’t put him in a box,
Put him in a jail for crimes he didn’t commit,
So that you set the girl free,
To be all that she can be.
He is a child too.
Let the children learn,
Let the children grow,
Protect them all,
Teach him as he grows that they are equal,
So that when he is grown,
He shall teach his children the same.
Don’t neglect him,
Trying to payback for all the girls in the past,
Who did not get to live their dreams?
He hurts, this boy,

Watch out for him too,
These days girls are not the only ones at risk,
For rape and abuse.

I believe that children are the future,
Both the boy and the girl.
So teach him to be a good man,
Teach him to protect women,
Never to hit them,
Teach him to respect their opinions,
And protect their right to be heard.
But don’t neglect him,
Only focusing on the girl child,
Because he is our future too.
If he is left behind,
Then the imbalance will continue,
He will be playing catch up all his life,
Then what kind of husband and father will he be?
So don’t run ahead with the girls,
Leave him behind struggling to catch up,
Hold his hand too,
And give him a bright future.

I believe in empowering the girl child. It’s very important because in many places girls are not valued and given chances to go to school like boys. But that doesn’t mean that we should neglect the boy child. He is important too. For the family, for the community and for the country. So as we empower the girl lets not leave the boy behind to suffer. They need our assistance and compassion too

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