Hero unmasked!


Mr. politician.
We breathed a sigh of relief,
When you came into power.
You were our hero,
Finally we would get justice,
And we thought you would take care of our enemies,
Corruption, tribalism, and nepotism among others.
We thought we could trust your word,
That you would fight for us,
After all you used to be one of us,
And you understood our struggle,
Saw how other villains had oppressed us,
And you would use your power,
Your gift of leadership to set us free.
We knew our town, our city, and our country would be safe,
In your capable hands.
How were we to know that like Superman,
You had a weakness, a kryptonite,
Money, power, women, and the good life?
You put away your superhero costume,
Decided not to live for the people
But for yourself.
You don’t use your power for the common good,
But to get more power and privileges for yourself.
We have come to realize you are not our hero,

Maybe you never were,
Perhaps you were always the Joker,
Covered in a Batman suit,
Pretending that you cared,
Until you got the power.
Now you’re rich, living it up good in your castles
As we weep and cry on the streets for justice.
You were to be our justice league,
But you can’t even protect us from your own greed,
So you can’t protect us from the external enemy.
You are the enemy within,
The gift of the horse of Troy,

A ploy to destroy us,
And that is what you have done,
Destroyed our hopes and dreams.
So now we put away our childish dreams,
Of superheroes fighting villains,
And realize that to win,
We must stop believing in superheroes,
And realize that the citizen must fight for himself,
Because the superhero has been unmasked,
And he is a villain.

Dedicated to all our politicians. You were supposed to represent us and make our country better. Yet you only care about your selfish interests. We don’t believe in you anymore and we will vote you out through the ballot.

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  1. Give the devil his due, it’s an entertaining article. But that’s just it.

    The author has has fallen into the usual trap of enumerating problems without even a hint of a solution in site. Such articles are allover the internet, the mainstream media is awash with them,heck, even “jaguar” has sang about it.

    The problem is the politician and we shall vote him/ her out and in his stead we elect a cow? angle?, Satan?, what?.

    Politics are here to stay, and politicians will always be voted in. The net-effect of such articles will be getting the enlightened voters to despair of politics, leaving the morons to elect the waibaras of this world.

    And I’m talking from experience: I recall with a mixture of nostalgia and disgust a particular episode way back in ’97 elections during nominations for a councilor’s position which had very good capable candidates any of whom could’ve made a very good representative for our area. It was during those days when an area had one dominant political party and being nominated in one was as good as a guaranteed elective seat. “The party” in our area was DP.

    The campaigns were lively and the elite of the area discussed about tackling real issues and were enthused about the best way forward as proposed by the various candidates. Those were good times.

    During the nomination day, however, political thugs intervened, disrupted the whole nomination process and imposed their own candidate as the nominated one. The fallout that ensued killed even the tiniest desires of the enlightened to engage in the whole political process and we all became spectators.

    Eventually the elections came and passed and we were all shocked to realize that the imposed candidate didn’t win. It gets worse: the person who eventually became our councillor wasn’t even from the Ward he represented( our Ward) and the rest as they say is history.

    We need to keep the electorate engaged in the political process by proposing the kinds of politicians we are to replace the current with eg in terms of academic qualifications, age, track record etc. Otherwise we risk making things Worse.

    • Thank you for your comment. Its a poetry piece, not an article on how to deal with politicians. It’s a commentary not a recommendation. Every writer chooses what angle to take and mine is to comment on our politicians betrayal. Maybe some one else will answer by doing a piece on solutions.