My dream man!


You must be a thief,
Because you sneaked up on me,
Stole my heart,
Right out of my closed baggage of pain and hurt.
You make me smile,
The kind that reaches my eyes,
And transforms my face with a Mona Lisa smile.
We have discussions for hours,
Arguing merits and demerits of issues,
And though we are often on different sides of the fence,
We agree that no argument is worth losing a real friend over.
The great thing is you understand me,
The real me,
The one that’s not trying to be politically correct.
My poetry goes straight to your heart,
You understand it with both your heart and mind.
You are my perfect man,
And I know for sure you will never hurt me,
Because hurting me would hurt you.
You are the man of my dreams,
And that’s because I only meet you in my dreams.

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