Dark Night – Euticus Mola


*A battle with chronic depression*

I am stuck in a dark room,
My eyes struggle to see the light,
My mind struggles to decipher the code,
Am I blindfolded or are my eyelids shut?

I am stuck in a dark room,
The skeleton in the closet of society,
Their policy: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Yet we think, feel, and plead with the almighty for sanity.

I am stuck in a dark room,
Listening to the sound of my fading heart beats;
My lungs feel heavy,
As the noose slowly tightens round my neck.

Stuck in a dark room,
Death has never known a better friend.
I wake up in the morning and I ask myself,
Is life worth living or should I just end my sorrows?

Euticus Mola

From me

For all those who battle chronic depression and feel that no one understands. For those who are hidden in bedrooms or who are taken to mental hospitals. For all those who reach out but they are shunned because they are mwenda wazimu. For all those affected, their loved ones caught up in a cycle of mental illness or have it running in their family.

Do not give up hope. Always believe that there is light in the dawn. Things can be turned around. Do not give up. You are loved. Your life is valuable.

You can find Euticus on twitter @africanplato or check out his blog http://africanplato.blogspot.com/

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