It’s time for some kick ass moves


Sometimes looking at the situation in Kenya I feel hopeless. I feel like there is nothing that can be done about how MP’s are constantly screwing us over. It feels like our MP’s are leeches whose work is to suck the money (blood) out of the animal that is Kenya.

Sometimes I get really angry. I am ready to go into parliament and sweep those MP’s out like Jesus kicked the business people out of the temple saying “you have made my house into a den of thieves.” That is what our politicians have done. Turned our parliament into a place where they steal from the mwananchi legally by adding themselves allowances and salaries when they want. Never mind that they don’t work and don’t pay taxes.

Then there are those politicians who behave like they are the sheep among wolves. They say oh we are for the people, all what the MP’s have done we do not support. I have a question, when these motions go to parliament where are they? They are either not there to represent our interests or they are there and keep quiet or they are there and they half heartedly defend the rights of the mwananchi so that they can look like they are the good guys. I am tired of politicians who never speak up for us in parliament then when they are at a baraza or funeral or at a press conference they behave like they are our champion.

The one thing I have learnt and re-learnt is that our politicians do not share our agenda. They are not part of our vision 2030. All they care about is making money at the expense of the mwananchi. How many times have we heard that MP’s have been bribed to support or not support a motion? The MP’s use their power to avoid the long arm of the law. Sometimes they even use the law to suppress innocent people especially their opponents. How many times have we heard …? So many ways in which they screw us over.

The thing is what can I do? I am just an individual. They have all the power. That’s the way many people think. Apart from screaming from the rooftop of social media what can I do? Sometimes I find we talk much but are lacking in the doing much. I think its time for us to take to the streets and to court to fight for our rights. It’s us against the MP’s. This is a country where we refuse to pay the people who shape the future of our country through the intellect (teachers). This is also the country where we treat those who treat our population (doctors) with contempt even firing them not caring whether patients die because politicians want to prove a point. But when it comes to that 0.0001% that doesn’t work, doesn’t support our vision 2030, wants to go on paid retreats all the time, and not pay taxes they are ready to give themselves allowances and pensions (MP’s).

They say the middle class have apathy for change. That we are comfortable in our warm cocoons and are not willing to stand up for this country. In some ways it is true I admit. But there are those of us who care. And we must be the spark that starts the fire. We must use all legal means to show our politician that the rule of selfishness is over. We can do this by suing them in court or taking to the street for peaceful protests. Its time for all of us to take back our country from the selfish politicians. This country is ours not theirs. Its time for a revolution of the mind and times. Its time for action, not talk.

Ps. there will be a protest march today from the Hilton to Parliament to Uhuru Park. If you can make it please go.



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