Let’s talk about Sex!


There is nothing new under the sun,
So did state one wise man called Solomon.
They say that prostitution is the oldest profession,
So from the beginning sex has been selling,
Trending topic of the day, decade, century, and millennium.
Eve the first woman,
Painted as a seductress,
Who with her cunningness,
Seduced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit,
Apparently he was blinded by her beauty and curves,
That he forgot to use his head,
Up there instead of down there.
Sex has fascinated humans for centuries,
Some creating beautiful works of poetry, music, and artworks,
To celebrate it, showing it to be wonderful, an art of pleasure.
Others have vilified it, condemned it,
Made it seem dirty, made those who engage in it,
Feel like they have committed the ultimate crime.
Some have killed for it,
A lover killing another or their partner because of jealousy,
Wanting to be the only one, who can gerrit,
Or been killed because of it,
Stoned to death for adultery.
Sex, the word itself fascinates or horrifies.
For the horny teenager it sounds wonderful,
For the parent thinking of their child it is horrifying,
For those raped it is terrifying,
For those who practice it successfully it is a beautiful word.
They sang, that group Salt and Pepper,
“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me!”

We were hushed,
Silenced not to sing that song,
So we kept silent and sang it in our hearts.
Let’s talk about sex,
Why not?
It’s on our TV screens in commercials,
That try to sell us cooking oil,
In a sexy way, leaving you wondering,
If they are selling sizzling oil or sizzling sex.
It’s in the car commercials that show sexy ladies,
Beside or inside powerful cars,

Showing you that if you buy this car,
You will be a stallion, have beautiful women flocking.
Sex sells, and not just for the condom commercials,
That urge you to just do it,
All you need is a pack of condoms,
Extra studded for double the pleasure,
Never mind that she could be faking it.
Sex, it’s in the movies and series,
And nowadays it’s everywhere,
Leaving nothing to the imagination,
Leaving those of us that are modest,
Blushing all the way to the remote.
They don’t bother to hide it anymore,
Turn off the lights,
And leave the act to your imagination,
No, they have to show it graphically,
Maybe so that if you don’t know how to do it,
You can see how it’s done.
It used to be, that you would only see total nudity,
In the blue movies known as pornography,
But now it’s gone mainstream,
To conventional movies,
Never mind the prudes among us,
Who don’t want to see everything on TV,
Some things are best left to the imagination please.
So let’s talk about sex,
About how we use it to objectify women,
Into sexual objects,
Then justify why we treat them so bad.
Let’s talk about sex,
Then maybe we can prevent that teenage pregnancy,
Save that girl who is told, if we do it once,
You can’t get pregnant or HIV.
Let’s talk about sex,

So that those who have been hurt by it,
Held down by a beast,
Their innocence taken away,
Can be able to come out and talk,
Not hide in the shadows,
Holding on to their shame,
Because it’s a secret that cant be aired in public.
Let’s talk about sex,
Air out the bed sheets in public,
Let’s dialogue,
Talk about the good and bad,
Not speak about it in poisonous whispers.
Let’s talk about sex.

A condom and Pill dancing. Campaign for safe sex.

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