Falling out of love.


My love, hold my hand,
And tell me you love me.
Please make me remember why I love you,
Because I seem to be falling out of love with you!
I desperately want to feel the way I felt about you,
All the excitement,
The way you make me feel loved,
The way I used to love everything about you,
Your loud, fast, funny, and colourful character.
I want to feel the way I did,
Wanting to wake up everyday by your side,
And spend the rest of my life with you.
You used to excite me and make me laugh,
But now it’s like we are going through the motions.
Pretending that everything is alright,
But it’s not.
Do you still love me my love?
Do I still love you too?
Are we faking it because we don’t want to see,
That you and I should be going our separate ways?
We have been together for so long,
And I never thought I would feel this way,
Never thought I would ever look at another,
But I am.
I don’t want to cheat on you,
Maybe we should separate,
Or should we try to ignite that spark,
That we used to have.
My love I am so confused.
What should I do,
When our love seems to have died,

Sometimes you love a person or a place too much and you hold on no matter what. But what happens when you fall out of love, and the spark is gone, do you try to rekindle it or move on. Or do you build new bridges and burn the old ones, or do you stay but be emotionally unfaithful. My heart speaks

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